About Us

Well, we all always plan to have a trip with friends, Family members, colleagues, and many others right? But ever idea of having a trip to modern tech (technology) as TECH Hold Past present and future.Simply as my Website name says “TRiP to TeCH” implies an ultimate trip to our modern tech.

The more you innovate the more innovative u become.

Welcome Everyone ! I am Sthisiss  a.k.a  Sumit. 

In this blog i will provide useful stuff related to Latest Tech, YouTube, Social Media, Android, Internet, Computer tips and Tricks, Blog, Website and much more.

  • I had some prior knowledge of blogging since my childhood but was not enough active on that time. During those times there are many lacks of resources to query a specific problematic thing on internet. But now the Word  “BLOG” is one of the most well-known and trending aspect.
  • So I made a decision to start blogging and help people who are facing some issue in this field.
  • There are a lot of notable tech blogs out there. Sometimes it is in these small tech blogs that you can discover definitely useful information to help you out.
  • I will share contents related to something I had already faced and I will let you know how to easily fix them and will simply explain each and every content by both blog post and YouTube Video  based on my prior experience regarding specific categories.